Sunday, March 15, 2009

And so it begins...

Like many artists before me (i would guess) one of my first and main inspirations in drawing and digital colouring was none other then Kim Hyung Tae.

I guess alot of artist fall into KHTs trap of trying to colour and dr
aw as good as KHT only to find out that they: a) fail miserably in comparison.
b) still post their artworks on the net (if your dumb enough to attempt KHTs art, i
t takes alot of time to finish and no matter what the outcome i guess you would be stupid not to post it).
c) get 10000000x bashing comment from KHT worshippers on your work re-affirming your belief of how hopeless your art is compared to KHT.
d) go cry in a corner.

As crazy as it sounds i would say that more then 90% of the time that is the outcome of what happens when noob drawers (like me) try fill in the shoes of KHT (who in my mind must have at least 1 meter long feet). but just like the story of Cinderella, i think many artist find themselves in the position of the countless women of whom the prince asked to wear the glass sliper. even though they all knew that it wasn't their slipper, even though they all knew that all that would happen when they wore the slipper was to face disapointment, even though they all knew never in a million years could it ever be them, they all still had to try on the slipper (just like how artist like me have to try draw and colour like KHTs artwork.)

What I'm trying to achieve (i.e. Kim Hyung Tae's drawing below):

[click for full-view]
[Calintz (c) Kim Hyung Tae]

With that in mind i may now safely(?) say:


today on the 15th march 2009 i begin my quest as an artist to (almost certainly) epic fail Kim Hyung Tae's artwork then go cry in some corner for a very long time. It may be challenging, it may take a hell of a long time, i may not even make it to the end, but i will try my best. so with that~ in the words of the great King

my line-art:
[click for full-view]

Well i gotta say the line art turned out pretty good but as we all know, it's the outrageously professional colouring that defines KHT's works as KHT's.

the face:
[my CG process for the face: YAY for 6 step]
and that's all folks. At least for now anyway ^__^ it took 1 hour to get the face to look right, its getting late and i have to wake up early for uni tomorrow. so ill leave it here for today and perhaps start on it again later on.

Saturday, March 14, 2009

Quick Post: Momo contest entry

[click for full-view]

so here it is~ My Momo entry for Mimi's header contest. I really wanted to do the hair differently but since by tablet duznt seem to like me there was no way i could do the hair with just a mouse. overall i still think it looks alright though so thats ok. just hope Mimi likes it... and punk trooper duznt kill me xD oh well~

I have been meaning to post a whole lot more up on my blog and i've been writing down what i wanted to post in a note book.. just havnt had the time to type it all up and post. but ill try asap.

Monday, December 15, 2008


OK~ i've been having the biggest dry spell of creativity that i can ever remember. somehow even when i start trying to draw something i just cant keep the interest to finish it off. things have been picking up pace now and the days seem to be passing quicker then before.

last saturday however, i went to another dance event (Dancekool student showcase) that the same friend as before(reese) was performing in. as was expected from him (for those who know him) he was going to perform a dance routine with a bunch of girls (him being the only guy) with the chosen style of...*drum roll*... GIRLS HIP-HOP!~ perhaps the idea of a 'guy' doing 'girls' hip hop seems a little strange but if you know him it might not seem so far off. sometime during his performance reese came to the front of the stage and performed a solo showing off his femininity to the max with the encouragement from the huge roars of approval (or laughter) from the audience. he later swore that night that he would never do girls hip hop for the next 50 years xD.

supprisingly that day went very smoothly, something that sadly doesnt happen often when i go out with friends. normally when i go out i end up waiting alone or with other friends for more friends to come and when they eventually do, we sit around for quite a while wondering what to do ( ever happen to you?)

however that day was different. my friend came to my house in the morningso i could give him some songs then we left the house for the train station. as luck would (or wouldnt) have it the train arrived just ahead of us and we could do nothing but watch it leave the station, with us knowing that the next train only came every 30 mins. but ofcourse for such a day we altered our plans and directed our feet to the nearest Subway(the food outlet, not train station =P) by the time we got back to the station with a bottle of coke and a 6 inch sub in each hand it was only a 3 minute wait till the train came. getting out at townhall station we immediatedly met up with another friend who happened to be on the same train but different carriage. after a short detour to fix some sun glasses we headed upstairs to Kino where my friends spent some time trying to find a christmas present for one of their other friends. we later met up with two more friends, bought a book, went shopping for presents, ate frkn super expensive icecream, went to chinatown for more present searching, dinner then my friends left to see a movie while i made my way to the dance event. it was about 6pm when i got to the venue with the showcase not starting untill 7. slowly looking for a place to sit i unexpectedly met up with a girl from my school so we just hung around the front entrance untill it was time to go in. i can say that it was much better to watch the showcase with someone else rather then being alone. after the showcase i met up with reese then slowly made my way home.

in a few days i have to go to adelaide for a Uni interview, then a few days after that fly to perth for a day to meet some of my mums old friends then fly off to malaysia where i will be spending christmas. on the 6th jan im flying to HK to meet my grandma and some friends then finally come back home on the 18th jan where again i will have a few months of boredom. im thinking of perhaps taking some dance lessons to kill time when i get back from overseas though.

im not sure if im going to post anything from now until i come back from my holidays but im pretty certain i will have alot to post about once i come back. hopefully my creativity will be rebooted by a trip overseas and i will be spouting out mountains of artworks once again. =]

well until i post again~ bye for now ^__^"

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

YUI. <3

[please click to see full-view]

as i said in my last post im starting to do some realistic work for the time being. =] decided to do YUI (my fave singer). hope it looks okay.

time: 45mins
reference: YUI my short stories album cover

Monday, December 8, 2008

Starting new~

the last few weeks of my life have been pretty hectic. whether out of just the sheer boredom of what i'm doing and how the holidays dont seem to be as fun as i thought they would be or perhaps its due to the lack of creativity and inspiration running from my head.

last sunday i went to the Gold Coast. It for a university interview at griffith the following monday (today). the interview was part of the criterea needed to of course get into the Uni and im glad to say i think i aced it. ^__^" at the moment i hope that i can get into griffith uni even if i have to move to another state to do so. im not sure what it was, but sitting at the beachside meeting and chatting to randoms around was quite relaxing. i really wanted to take photos but i guess that well have to wait till next year when i get a new phone.

going back to what i said at the start though~ recently i cant seem to find the creativity to do any new anime/manga artworks and so for a while untill i feel like doing them im gonna change my style and switch back to more realistic artworks. other then that~ i also started writing song lyrics again which i had done many times before in the past.

therfore i will start to post up alot more realistic drawings instead of anime for the time being with perhaps the occasional song lyrics =]

Thursday, December 4, 2008

If Only...

ok~ i was extremely bored due to my lack of creativity these past few days so i thought i would do a simple bleach fan-art. I decided to draw Renji since i have only ever half drawn him once and cuz i just felt like it. Anyway~ halfway through trying to figure out a pose that would look good i noticed i had horribly screwed the proportions and his waist was too small =O. This of course was the very strange catalyst for the art you see below. I started thinking..."how would renji look as a chic?" since he already had long hair and everything i just decide baah! wth ill just draw a chic version of renji instead =3.

If only Renji was a girl he would have the same big 'eyes' that all Bleach females tend to have =]

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Momo edit again @__@"

jeez~ it seems like i just cant get my pics right the first time @_@ well here they are again this time the right hand is in proportion